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Forward Block and INA

8: Forward Block and INA

v Forward Block: Subash Chandra Bose felt a urgent need of ‘left-wing’ party in congress so he formed Forward Block in 1939.

·        Objectives :

·        Liberation of India with support of workers, peasants, youth and other organisations.

·        Establishment of socialist state through:-

1.     To organise agriculture and industries on socialist lines.

2.     Abolition of Zamindari system

3.     Introduction of new monetary and credit system.

v Indian National Army (INA) : Rashbehari Ghose gave a definite shape to IIL (Indian Independence League). Idea of Indian National Army (INA) was concived by Mohan Singh.  – [TB]

·        Tokyo Conference: Their was a meeting at Tokyo, Japan in 1942. Following decisions were taken :

o   To expand and strengthen the Indian Independence League

o   Formation of INA under the command of  Indian Independence League for liberation of India.

o   To hold conference at Bangkok to consolidate these decisions.

·        Bangkok Conference: Many resolutions were passed such as :

o   Election of  Rashbehari Ghose as the presient of Council.

o   Invitation to Subash Chandra Bose to come from Europe to lead this movement.

o   Appointment of Mohan Singh as Commander-in-Chief of the INA (Indian National Army).

·        Objectives of INA :-

o   To organise armed revolution and to fight British with modern arms.

o   Total mobilisation of manpower and money for a total war

o   Its motto was ‘Unity, Faith , Sacrifice’.

·        Contribution of INA :-

o   It inspired the uprising in the armed forces of Country.

o   INA undermined the very security of British in India.

v Contrbution of Subash Chandra Bose :

1.     He renamed Andaman and Nicobar Island to Saheed and Swaraj Islands.

2.     He gave battle cries like – ‘Delhi Chalo’ and ‘Jai Hind’.

3.     He brought the left-wing in congress under one banner and formed Forward Bloc.

4.     He organised woman brigrade – “Rani Jhasi Brigade” and children brigade – “Balsenadal” under INA.

5.     Leadership of INA.