Treasure Trove Workbook Answers

Heart of the Tree



(i)The poet does not put this question to anybody in particular.It is a rhetorical question to draw the reader's attention to the importance of planting trees. He himself answers the question .According to the extract the man who plants a tree plants 'a friend of sun and sky, and home for birds and animals near heaven. '

(ii) A tree is a friend of the sun and the sky. The sun and the sky help a tree to grow up and spread its branches. The tree in turn keeps the air clean. A tree flutters like a flag in the breeze, and makes the breeze cool and fresh. The tree is beautiful, tall like a tower. A tree is a home for birds and animals. They make their nests high up in the sky. 

(iii) Trees need the light Of the sun to make their food by the process of photosynthesis. It needs sky (space) to spread its branches. Trees clean and purify the air, and cool the breezes. In this way trees, sun and sky help each other like friends. 

(iv) A tree grows. Its trunk looks the shaft of a flag. The tree is beautiful and compared to the shaft Of beauty. 

(v)Beginning the poem with a question draws reader's attention to an important topic: 'Why we should plant trees!' The figure of speech used here is 'rhetorical question'. 

Passage - 2

(i) The soft sweet song mother bird sings to her chicks in evening is described as mother-croon of birds. The song is sung in the quiet, and happy twilight when the mother birds returns to her little ones for the night. It is a sort of lullaby. 

(ii) Twilight is the faint light at the end of the day when the sun goes down. It is a happy twilight because mother bird has returned to her nest and she is with her chicks. It is like a happy home. 

(iii) Treble is high tone in music, In the evening there is peace and harmony in nature. The treble note of the mother bird is like pleasant music to the quiet atmosphere. 


(iv)  Metonymy is a figure of speech in which a thing or concept is called not by its own name but rather by another name associated with that thing or concept. In this poem a tree is called by various names associated with it. For example a tree is called 'the flag of breezes free' and 'a shaft of beauty towering high'. 



A tree provides cool shade. 
A tree takes up carbon dioxide and releases oxygen. 
A tree causes rain to fall. 
A tree provides shelter to birds and beasts. 


Passage - 3


(i) Plants provide cool shade and gentle rain. They provide seeds and buds which grow into trees. Over a period of time trees multiply and turn into a forest. Plants obstruct the rays of the sun, and provide cool shade. 

(ii) Water evaporates. To condense and fall as rain they needs to be cooled down. Trees are cool, and help the vapours to condense and fall as rain. 

(iii) Trees produce seeds and buds. These seeds dry up but they do not die. They lie in the soil. When they get proper conditions to grow, they sprout and grow up into trees again. They become forests and provide benefits to the coming generations. 

(iv) Trees are source of hundreds of useful things. They provide us with fruit and medicines. They provide us material for building homes and huts. They provide us material for clothing. In fact our survival depends on them. The benefits that comes from trees we plant now is the harvest of the following years. 

(v) The expression 'unborn eyes' is used for the children yet to be born. If we plant trees now, those children will be happy to see the beautiful trees. They will rejoice because trees are not only beautiful to look at, but also provide us shade, rain, fruit, flowers, medicines and hundreds of other things and clean the atmosphere.


Passage - 4

(i) Metonomy is the figure of speech used here 'sap', 'leaf' and 'wood' here stand for a tree. The other example of metonomy are 'the forest's heritage' 'a flag of breezes free'. 


(ii) A 'far-cast thought' means foresight. A person who plants a tree can foresee how the tree he plant will do good to society. It is a blessing to the neighborhood because it will provide cool shade, fruit, flowers etc to them. Moreover a tree is beautiful to look. It will be a pleasing sight. 

(iii) A person who plants a tree holds a little sapling or a seed in the palm of his hand. But this seed is the seed of prosperity of his nation. A seed or a sapling grows into a big tree and trees multiply into forests which are so beneficial for a nation's growth and development. 

(iv) Trees are essential for the maintenance of ecological balance. They not only give shelter to birds and beasts but also produce oxygen which is essential for life on earth. Trees cause rain to fall, and provide us food and material for shelter and clothing. Without trees the world will turn into a desert and life will become impossible. Trees provide so many useful things that the growth of a nation depends on them. 


(v) When you speak of-one's heart, you refer to one's generosity and kindness. In this sense The Heart of The Tree' is an apt title. A tree is generous and kind to all without discrimination. It lives and dies for the good of others. It provides shade and shelter. It provides fruit and food. It provides material for building homes, ships and other useful things. Every part of a tree is beneficial What a heart a tree has!