Why do we need mathematics in our lives is one of the questions that many of us would have asked ourselves. This article will address the importance of mathematics and its magic. Math is a tool and not just a subject as it empowers the individual with logical and reasoning aspects. It is said that mathematics is a subject that helps us to look at life systematically and prevent chaos. The subject is not only limited to numbers but also involves problem-solving, critical thinking, dimensions, and creativity.

We are all surrounded by mathematics and its impact. For instance, think about the shape, size, and overall dimensions of that chair in which you sit and the desk where you work, it is all possible due to the magic of numbers that we call mathematics.



One cannot mug up mathematics as the subject needs regularity and most importantly undivided attention. Learning this subject can be enjoyable and painful at the same time and it all depends on the frame of mind that you approach the subject. The best way to approach the subject is to use mathematical games and activities because it signals our brain that math is just another subject where the brain has to deal with numbers and soon the brain will become comfortable in dealing with numbers and all the fearful thoughts will vanish.

Yes, you will no longer be fearful of this subject but to achieve this as mentioned earlier it requires your attention and regularity. So keep practicing and commit as many mistakes as possible while practicing so that you can understand all the possible aspects of the subject and can build on that.



The next question in the queue is what are those tools with the help of which you can make your numerical tasks simple? Algebra is one such tool and when we talk about algebra this time you need not have to worry because today you will know that algebra is your friend and not the reason to worry.

Algebra is a type of mathematics that involves symbols and letters to represent numerical values and using that one can solve complex problems. When the multiple entities are given in the question and we have to find value from those given values it is where algebra is used and makes the task simple. The combination of algebra with statistics and calculus is another way how algebra can make an impact in learning the crucial concept.

Graphical representation is an important mathematical tool that makes learning and understanding statistics easier. We all know how important statistics are when we have to do comparative studies and in today’s time when data analytics has become the essence of revenue generation, its importance has increased by many folds.

There are different graphical representations like a line graph, pie chart, double bar graph, scatter diagram and many more. They all have their importance in the analysis of numerical data like during cricket match the line graph, double bar graph, and pie charts are used for the comparison between performances of two teams.



Mathematics is an integral part of our lives and has its application in every domain and everywhere around us. Dimensions are important for the proper shape and size, mathematics makes it possible to build required dimensions. Mathematics is not just number-based learning but also it is a key component to develop abilities like logical reasoning, critical thinking. We have seen how important mathematics is for analysis and comparison and how it can create an impact on the businesses and proves that mathematics is not just a subject but in a way a creation that simplifies life.


Mathematics and its Magic

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