History Notes

The Muslim League

5: The Muslim League

v Factors leading communalism / to formation of Muslim League : [PERRR]

·        Policy of Divide and Rule

·        Erroeneous interpretation of  History

·        Relative Backwardness of Muslim community in education , trade and industries.

·        Rise of Assertive Nationalists

·        Role of Sir Sayyid Ahmed Khan

v EVENTS leading to formation of Muslim League

·        Hindi-Urdu contoversy

·        Partition of  Bengal

·        Aligarh Politics

·        Formation of  M.A.O Assosiation

v Muslim League was setup on December 30 , 1906 under presidentship of  Nawab Salimmullha .

v Aims/Objectives of Muslim League:- [ 4Ps prevent,protect,promote,present]

·        To protect the political rights and interests of muslims

·        To prevent the rise of feeling of hostility between muslims and other community.

·        To promote among the muslims , the feeling of loyality towards British government.

·        To present the needs of muslims infront of the British government.


v Circumstances leading to Lucknow Pact (1916):-

·        The Khilafat Movement

·        Annulment of Partition of Bengal in 1911

·        Some prominent Muslim leader was arrested on charges of sedition

·        Bal Gangadhar Tilak and Annie Besant played a important role

v Clauses/Terms of  Lucknow Pact:- [SARA]

·        Separation of Judiciary from Executive

·        Abolition of  India Council

·        Religious Interests

·        Autonomy of provinces etc..

v Significance/Importance of Lucknow Pact:-

·        Unity

o   Hindu-Muslim Unity

o   Unity within Congress

·        Strengthing National Movement

o   Pressure on British Government

·        Constitutional Reform

o   Necessity to pacify Indians + Demand of Constitutional reform

o   Gradual step toward self-government institution in India.

v Drawbacks of Lucknow Pack

·        Congress lost their secular character by agreeing on the demand of seprate electorate for Muslims

·        Communal Veto

·        Muslim League got seats in council excess to their propotion in population

·        Did not involve masses. Confined only to educated and rich Hindus and Muslims.