PRACTICE WORKSHEET (Level : Hard , Application Based)

1.       What is Joint diastole ?

2.       Why blood flow in human body is called “double circulation” ?

3.       Explain the process of coagulation of blood?

4.       Give reasons :

a)      Why a sparrow have higher heart rate than you ?

b)      Why students generally have higher/faster heart rate as compared to teachers ?

c)       Why face turns red/pink after playing in hot sun ?

5.       Fill Exact Keywords :

a)      Blood in Arteries flows in __________ .

b)      Smallest and final branch of artery is ___________.

c)       Capillaries allow ________________ of oxygen and ________________ carbon dioxide from tissue cells.

d)      The smallest united common branch of capillary is ___________. It is ___________ ( larger / smaller ) than arterioles but have ___________ (weaker / stonger ) muscles.

e)      Capillaries are made of ________________ cells.

f)       Short_______________   circulation and long ______________ circulation are two types of blood flow circulation in body.

g)      Rise in blood pressure is called ______________.



1.       Name the fluid entering nephron tubule at Bowman’s capsule .

2.       Define Tubular secretion and Selective absorbtion.

3.       What gives colour to urine?

4.       Why it is necessary to maintain normal osmotic conc. Of the blood ?

5.       Differentiate Between

a)      Renal Pelvis and Renal Papilla

b)      Excretion and Katabolism

6.       Odd one out and write category of the rest :

a)      ADH , water , pitutiary , osmoregulation , urine

b)      Glomerular filtrate , Bowman’s capsule , ultraficaton , glomerulus , blood plasma

c)       CO2 , bile pigment , water , excretion , urea

7.       Fill ups

a)      High pressure in glomuruls causes the ___________ part of blood to filter out.

b)      Urine passes into collecting duct to the pelvis and through the ureter into urinary bladder by  _________________ and ______________________.