Treasure Trove Workbook Answers

Nine Gold Medals

Passage - 1

(i) The athletes came from all over the country to the stadium where Special Olympics was held. They came there to take part in the games, and to win medals. 

(ii) The words 'gold' and 'bronze' and 'silver' stand for medals that were awarded to the winning contestants. Gold medal was awarded to the best contestant. The contestant were well-prepared for they had trained for months and each of them aspired to win a gold medal.



(a) All the contestants came down to the stadium aspiring to win the gold medal. 

(b) As the contest for the one-hundred yard race was about to begin, excitement among the spectators began to grow high. 

(iv) Spectators gathered around the field because they wanted to watch the games, and cheer the contestants. Athletes that had come to the contest are referred to as 'Young women and men'. 

(v) The prestigious one-hundred yard race is being talked about as the final event. The spectators were greatly excited. They cheered and encouraged the athletes. 



Passage - 2

(i) The blocks were lined up for the contestants to push them the race started, 'Those' is referred to the contestants of the hundred-yard dash. 

(ii) Poet gradually builds up the suspense, First, he tells the excitement among the spectators, then he tells the start of the event, and finally the stumbling of the youngest athletes .It is climax of the suspense, and the reader wonders what is going to happen next.

(iii) The exploding of the pistol signified the start of the game.The pattern in the first four lines is a b c d. In 

the next four lines the rhyming pattern is a b a b.

(iv) Youngest athlete had bad luck. Just as he started to run, he tripped , staggered and hit the asphalt. He had trained hard and hoped to win the gold medal, but now he disappointed.He despaired . He thought all his hope to win was lost forever. 

(v) True sportsman spirit does not consist in winning medals. It involves playing fair, and helping one another, even at the cost of losing. The eight athletes gave up trying to win. They stopped running and rushed to help the fallen athlete. 


Passage - 3


(i) The youngest athlete, who fell down, gave out a cry. He cried not so much because he was physically hurt, but because he was anguished at heart. He was desperate that his hope to win the gold medal was lost for ever. 

(ii) The youngest athlete had trained for months and dreamed of winning the gold medal. But, as ill-luck would have it, he stumbled and fell. His dream of winning was shattered for ever. 

(iii) The other eight runners were running with the best of their strength. One of them was sure to win the gold medal. But all of them stopped and came back to help the fallen contestant to his feet. Their attitude shows they valued fellow feelings above winning a medal. 

(iv) These lines bring out what true sportsmanship means. Winning medal is important, but it is not the most important thing. Sports should teach us human values. This is the main theme the poem brings out. 

(v) The other eight athletes came back and helped the youngest athlete to his feet. Then they all held their hands, and walked to the finish line together. Now all the nine of them were the winners. Each got a gold medal. The spectators as well as the authorities gave them a standing ovation. 


Passage - 4


(i) Now, the race began anew. The eight athletes did want to the gold medal individually. They joined hands because they wanted to win it as a team. Now they did not run but walked with the ninth athlete to the finish line.

(ii) "Special Olympics'' is meant for persons who have some problems in their body. They are not normal athletes that is why it is called Special Olympics. But the 'Special Olympics' became truly special because it was the first ever event in which nine gold medals were awarded in a single event. 

(iii) The race ended with the victory of sportsmanship.The eight athletes did not care for winning medals. They helped their fallen fellow sportsman. But they all won a gold medal each and applause of the spectators. 

iv) All the contestants were happy when they crossed the finish line together. Their faces beamed with delight. The spectators were Impressed by their act of sportsmanship and gave them a standing ovation. 

v) Special Olympics was named so because it was not meant for normal athletes but for those that were physically challenged. But it became all the more special the athletes showed an unprecedented sportsmanship and it was for the first time that all the nine contestants won a gold medal each.